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"After years of failed attempts to lose weight and get fit through various diets and wasted Gym memberships, I decided to take the plunge and engage Caroline as my personal trainer. The whole process has been a fantastic success. I set out my goals and Caroline built a realistic training programme that has enabled me to achieve these. I went from not being able to run any great distance to completing my first 10k. At the same time I have lost over 2 stone, through a combination of regular exercise and a sensible diet; a recent medical showed fantastic improvements in my overall health. The thing I am most pleased about, is that I now actually enjoy exercise! Caroline is a great motivator who has helped me to achieve all of my goals in a matter of months. Thank you Caroline!"

Mark A

“Caroline’s circuits classes are great! We do a different combination of exercises each time – and there’s always a good variety. Caroline’s so positive & enthusiastic that she keeps us all keen & motivated too! I can really feel the benefits!“

Catherine Oliver

“Having joined Caroline’s circuit training classes a couple of months ago, I have surprised myself, and certainly others! I attend classes twice a week without fail, and I have gone from being “Gym-phobic” to actually really enjoying the classes. They are fun, varied and very friendly and Caroline is an excellent trainer, who is very motivational – very happy with the results so far!”

Anita Ness

“Why Caroline Sellers? First of all, very important to me, she really knows her stuff. Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy underpins all the training. Add to that her energy, sense of humour and focus and you can't fail to achieve your goals under her guidance. Caroline keeps her sessions up beat and varied with a keen eye for detail and safety. I can honestly say that I really enjoy them and what a sense of achievement! I can wear a bikini with confidence for the first time in years and my tummy is flat even when I forget to hold it in! Amazing! She is a true professional and a warm human being. Thank you Caroline. You really are a life saver!”


“Last year I decided to run my first 10k. I worked with Caroline who built a training programme around my needs and busy lifestyle. She has been a great support, really listening to my needs making it achievable and enjoyable but also challenging. I have since completed four 10k runs, improving my time each run. With Caroline’s energy and passion for what she does I am looking forward to running my first half marathon shortly followed by my first triathlon! Caroline’s motivation makes me believe I can achieve my goals.”

Rebecca Moore